Dr. Sedgh's Practice Philosophy - Age Is Inevitable, Looking Old Is Not!

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Dr. SedghAging and its impact on appearance are inevitable. We can accept the cascade of appearance-related results of aging, or we can choose to use the incredible resources to minimize and reverse many of those results.

Living under the Southern California sun, as we are privileged to do, is one of the most sought-after lifestyles in the entire country. Yet that same lifestyle can create a host of skin problems as well as accelerate the natural aging process of the skin.

Using Modern Technology to Combat Aging and Skin Problems

Patients of Beverly Hills Laser Institute, Inc. will find dedication to providing today's effective technologies. In addition to wrinkle reducers, pigmentation fighters, wrinkle and line fillers, and more, you will have access to light based acne therapy, vein treatments and the patented Thermage skin tightening system.

The Laser "Edge" in Innovative Skin Treatments

Lasers and light therapy have become dependable resources in changing the appearance of the skin. Both acne and acne scarring improvement have benefited by newer technology and combination therapies. Patients see better skin texture, skin tone, scarring, and the control of acne.

Non-invasive and non-surgical procedures are experiencing unprecedented growth and have provided all of us with simpler solutions and a countless combination of choices in improving the way we look.

Beyond Skin – Treating Patients on a Whole Body Level

Appearance is a first for most people, as it is an important component in how we see ourselves and most certainly in how others see us as well. Appearance is not only affected by the skin itself but also by our body size and shape and how we feel from a physical standpoint of health and balance.

Dr. Sedgh believes in treating the whole patient and treating each patient with both personal attention and continued follow-through.

Taking care of a patient properly means focusing on the whole person. Whole body health improves every aspect of a person's well-being. The goal is to enjoy healthy skin, normal weight, hormonal balance, proper body function and a sense of self-esteem.

Dr. Sedgh also provides important supportive medical care and advice. Whether you have a need for skin solutions, a need for medical assistance in weight loss or are seeking relief from the multiple symptoms caused by hormonal deficiencies or imbalance, all your concerns are given the attention they require.

Medical Training

A Cum Laude graduate of UCLA, Dr. Sedgh attended medical school at State University of New York (SUNY) where he received Commendation in Investigative Dermatology. Residency and post graduate training were at the University of California Irvine Medical Center (UCI). Dr. Sedgh has participated in publications featured in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and at the Department of Dermatology at SUNY.

Broad Based Experience

Dr. Sedgh has experience treating patients of most ages. Past medical affiliation with the Long Beach VA Hospital gives him experience with age-related conditions of the skin. A broad patient base while practicing with Kaiser Permanente offered the opportunity to attend to a wide variety of conditions.  Dr. Sedgh has attended numerous professional trainings and educational venues.