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Cosmetic improvements for the face have almost superseded the need for a facelift. With many people now enjoying a very youthful face, the second most age-telling part of the body is the hands. 

Part 1: Volume Restoration *

Hand aging is primarily a factor of fat loss in the skin structure. The fat padding is what keeps the hands looking smooth and young. If you compare a young person's hands with an older person's both in touch and appearance, it is apparent that this natural fat layer makes a very obvious difference.

Although fat injections have been used in the past, this requires two procedures, with the fat extraction being a surgical one. A simple and immediate nonsurgical method of restoring the lost volume in hands is by the use of the filler Radiesse.

before and after hand rejuvenation with Radiesse
Radiesse Injections to Back of Hands
Photo: Steven Anderson, MD
Patient results may vary

Fat loss in the hands is a natural occurrence with aging. This loss of padding results in a bony or "wiry" appearance as the bones and tendons are more obvious and also makes veins more visible.

Radiesse is a highly malleable product and when injected into the dorsum of the hand, is easily massaged into the entire area to feel and look completely natural.

How Radiesse Volume Restoration Is Accomplished

The Radiesse is mixed with lidocaine numbing solution to make the product more fluid and to make the procedure comfortable. A large amount of the Radiesse mixture is then injected into the back of the hand. It is a surprisingly painfree injection.

The Radiesse then is massaged into a smooth layer that levels the skin surface and diminishes the prominence of veins, tendons and bones. Since Radiesse easily interweaves with the collagen in skin, there is little concern of uneven areas or movement of the filler once it's in place. It is that simple. Radiesse has a longevity of up to 2 years and potentially longer as there is usually less wear and tear to that part of the hand.

"I had just finished my makeup one day and was so pleased with how youthful I looked. I'd worked hard at taking care of myself and invested in some wrinkle fillers and loved the look. But somewhere along the way I had forgotten all about my hands!
All of a sudden I realized that although my face looked great, my hands looked...well, they just looked "Old"! !"
- Caroline, Age 54

Part 2: Pigmentation Removal *

aging hands
Natural Age Progression of the Hands
Source Photodisc

We spend an enormous amount of time in our cars in California. That means thousands of hours with our hands on the steering wheel in the sun. The majority of us, and this certainly applies to men, never think to apply sunscreen on our hands. Over the years we've set up a pigmentation production plant on the backs of our hands. Breaking up that pigmentation and removing the age spots and freckles goes a long way to "de-aging" hand appearance.

This can be accomplished with IPL, Fractional Laser or a combination of both. For crepey skin Thermage for hands to tighten collagen is also an option.

IPL Photofacial treatments with the Palomar Lux G™ break up the pigment molecules and allows the body to sweep them away. Generally with a short series of IPL (Photofacial) treatments you can enjoy a near complete clearance of sun generated pigmentation.

before and after IPL anti-aging hand treatment
IPL for Hands
Photo source: Palomar Medical
Individual results may vary

IPL is an intense light that is absorbed by pigment. The initial treatment breaks up surface melanin and causes it to peel off. Subsequent treatments reach into the deeper layers and break up "immature" brown spots so the body can sweep them away internally.

Post treatment sun protection will prolong the clearance and potentially prevent reoccurrence. Lack of sun protection will allow new spots to generate which may require additional IPL sessions.

Fractional laser is a useful tool in hand rejuvenation as it both removes pigmentation and resurfaces rough skin texture, plus adds a bit of tightening in the process. Fractional laser is a single laser beam that is split into microscopic columns. This allows skin around the treated column to assist in quick healing without the problems associated with full surface laser systems.

Part 3: Skin Tightening *

Thermage skin tightening for hands - before and after
Photo source: Thermage
Photos courtesy of Ruth Hillelson, MD
Treatment: Thermage for Hands*
Individual results may vary

Thermage for Hands uses radiofrequency to tighten the collagen in the skin which helps overcome the tissue-like appearance as the skin thins. Energy pulses tighten existing collagen and then induce new collagen production. As your own natural collagen builds and thickens, your hands take on a firmer and younger appearance. Thermage is a single treatment procedure that progressively improves skin appearance with end results most apparent in about 6 months.

During your office consultation, you will be provided with a detailed plan of the treatments that will benefit you most. Initial cosmetic consultations are complimentary. Call 888-333-2515 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Sedgh.

* Individual Results May Vary