BOTOX® Cosmetic for Wrinkles, Frown and Worry Lines

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Wrinkles and lines are caused by either breakdown and loss of collagen and support tissues, referred to as "static wrinkles," or by the contraction of muscles, called "dynamic wrinkles."

BOTOX® Cosmetic minimizes the effect of dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them. The most well known and popular use for BOTOX is the reduction of frown and worry lines. In actuality, BOTOX Cosmetic can provide improvement in a wide variety of undesirable dynamic muscle activity.

woman holding sign saying 'I Did It for Me'Physical appearance can be altered when BOTOX is used to minimize muscle movement. Aging forehead lines, a habitual "angry" or sad look can be completely changed with a simple injection procedure into the muscles that cause these negative expressions.

BOTOX Cosmetic can be used to reduce or even eliminate the following problems:

  • Reduces horizontal creases in forehead
  • Reduces frown lines
  • Minimizes the look of crows' feet and laugh lines
  • Some patients achieve a brow lift effect
  • Can be used to balance asymmetrical brows
  • Softens platysma stranding (vertical neck "bands")
  • Effects are customizable and reversible
  • Some patients report they no longer get migraine headaches
  • Studies now underway in the use BOTOX injections for depression
  • Hyperhidrosis (severe underarm sweating)

BOTOX Cosmetic for Frown Lines (the "11's")

BOTOX is injected directly into the muscle with a tiny needle. When BOTOX takes effect, it blocks the nerve impulse from reaching that area, weakening the muscles response to signals to frown or scowl or contract in a way that portrays worry.

BOTOX treatment for 11 lines - before and after
Photo Source: Inamed Aesthetics
Physician Unspecified
Treatment: Botox Injection to Glabella*
Patient results may vary

As the muscle weakens, the skin overlying the muscle relaxes and the wrinkles in the skin gradually soften and often disappear. Treatment does not affect normal facial expressions when proper dosages are used.

Importance of Proper Dosage

Dr. Sedgh will use a conservative dose of BOTOX Cosmetic for first-time users. Until you know your personal response to BOTOX, a conservative amount will prevent the possibility of heightened response which can include headache or brow droop. A second touch up injection can be added after a week to 10 days if more effect is desired.

Dr. Sedgh is careful not to send you home with an unnatural look. You may have seen friends or others who have been overly injected and have little or no ability to be expressive. By carefully injecting and using a conservative touch, your results will be very natural and will still allow you to show normal facial expression.

The aim of any cosmetic procedure is to make you look better while maintaining a completely natural appearance.

Understanding What BOTOX® Cosmetic Is – And What It Is Not

Botulinum Toxin Type A (BOTOX) is a protein complex produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which contains the same toxin that causes food poisoning. When used in a medical setting as an injectable form of sterile, purified botulinum toxin, small doses block the release of a chemical called acetylcholine by nerve cells that signal muscle contraction. By selectively interfering with the underlying muscles' ability to contract, existing frown lines are smoothed out and, in most cases, are nearly invisible in a week.

BOTOX Cosmetic is NOT a wrinkle filler and will not "fill" a static wrinkle that has lost collagen support. But it is often used along with fillers to prolong their duration in the skin. By minimizing muscle activity in the area of the filler, the wrinkle filler product tends to last longer and delay normal breakdown, giving longer life to your Restylane or Juvederm.

BOTOX is not permanent. You will need retreatment after several months. Most people enjoy effects for 3 to 5 months. Duration is different for each individual.

A Typical BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment*

BOTOX injection to glabellar region
Photo courtesy Susan Taylor, MD.

BOTOX Cosmetic procedures are quick, simple, with no anesthesia required because any pain is very minimal. Injections are administered with an very tiny needle directly into the area being treated. Discomfort is minimal and brief, and once complete, there is usually no pain, though there may be some minor bruising if you have recently used pain relievers other than Tylenol. You may return directly to work or normal activity immediately afterwards.

A video that shows how Botox works through its interaction with muscle tissue:

Avoid Before BOTOX Cosmetic

  • Aspirin
  • Vitamin E
  • St. John's Wort
  • Alcohol on the day of treatment

Avoid After BOTOX Cosmetic

  • Avoid lying down for 4 hours after your injection
  • No alcohol the rest of the day
  • No hot baths or hot tubs
  • Avoid strenuous exercise the day of treatment
  • Do not massage the treated locations unless Dr. Sedgh instructs you to do so.

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* Individual Results May Vary