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Weight Gain – Beyond Control?

Most of us have grown up with a fast-food lifestyle, and nearly all restaurants have created the "more is better" serving size plan. It's all in the marketing, and there are billions of dollars behind that marketing. Combine this with a genetic predisposition to weight gain or insulin resistance or an ineffective exercise pattern, and the problem escalates.

The result? Over 60% of Americans are either overweight or obese. (U.S. National Library of Health)

By the time we realize things are out of control, often weight control is beyond "self-control" and medical assistance is necessary either for the jump start on weight loss, or to set up a systematic program that is designed to start and sustain healthy weight loss.

Why an Overweight Person "Needs" More Calories

Recognizing that many people who are overweight require more calories than someone who is normal weight for hunger satisfaction gives a good starting point in the thought process. No doubt you have heard thin people scoff at those who are overweight and make comments such as "Well, if they ate a normal amount of food, they'd lose weight."

This is an unfair assumption. When someone has reached overweight or obese status, a "normal" amount of food intake will no longer send the required messages to the brain. In a thin person, a much lower food intake will signal the brain that sufficient calories have been consumed to maintain proper body function such as temperature control, heart rate and breathing - at that point hunger is satisfied. However, an overweight or obese person won't get these messages until far more food has been consumed. This is a seldom considered component that adds to the difficulty of weight loss.

For someone battling excess weight, the issue may not be not a lack of self control, but a lack of the brain messages that say "Okay, that's enough."

Fast Start Weight Loss

woman with tape measure around waistOne of the advances of modern medicine is that with correctly balanced supplements and appetite suppressants such as phentermine, the information that the brain receives is altered and the new message that arrives is "This is enough. You can stop eating now." And this message gets through even with a restricted calorie diet plan.

Anyone who has a weight problem and has decided to do something about it typically wants things to happen fast. It takes time to gain weight and it takes time to lose weight.

But, with medically assisted and supervised weight loss plans which incorporate medication to suppress appetite along with natural metabolic stimulators and supplements, the fast start weight loss programs are available to anyone who is in otherwise good health.

Your Weight Loss Program Begins with:

  • A comprehensive examination (including family history)
  • Thyroid testing to rule out weight gain caused by hypothyroidism
  • Lab work up including Chemistry, Liver and Kidney function tests, Lipid Profile, and complete blood count.
  • BMI analysis. Body Mass Index indicates percentage of body fat.
    • We use Tanita digital analysis to determine the body fat loss goals. Tanita body composition analyzer/scales provide detailed body composition analysis – weight, impedance, body fat %, body mass index, fat mass and fat-free mass.
    • For a very basic online BMI calculator, click here
  • A current analysis of your present dietary and exercise habits
  • Weight goals and timeline
  • Diet plan and exercise program

First Steps

Dr. Sedgh will select the most effective and appropriate plan to help you begin your weight loss. This may include either an appetite suppressant or a metabolic stimulator or both, to help your brain stop giving you erroneous messages about hunger and food intake.

You will be given a restricted calorie diet plan. Although this may look like an insufficient amount of food on paper, rest assured it will be adequate based on your health, current weight and health condition. Instituted along with your unique formula of supplements, you will not suffer from diet-wrecking hunger pangs and energy loss.

To lose weight that will not come back, you will need to retrain not only your brain, but your body's habitual digestive secretions that have come into play from consuming larger amounts of calories.

Concentrated protein based foods are specifically balanced with fiber and water based foods so you will have ample nutrition and physical satisfaction even with lowered calorie intake. Remember that your digestive system has become accustomed to a "false - normal" response to what is actually an overly high caloric intake.

an illustration of how weight lifting assists with weight lossExercise is an important component of both losing and controlling weight. Although it is possible to lose weight with medication and calorie restriction alone, exercise can double the loss and help you maintain a life long healthy weight.

Our Weight-Loss Program Medications and Supplements

Appetite Suppressants/Diuretics How it assists weight loss When Used Desired Effects
Phentermine or Tenuate Changes serotonin levels in the brain to help modify habitually negative eating patterns Used in the initial weeks of your weight loss program Decreases appetite
Amiloride A diuretic to help the body get rid of excess fluid accumulation Used in the initial weeks of your weight loss program Alleviates fluid retention
Medication Alternatives
Didrex or Bontril Alternatives to Phentermine or Tenuate Used in the initial weeks of your weight loss program Appetite suppression
Weight Loss Accelerator How it assists weight loss Components  
Bio-Citrin™ Blocks fatty acid synthesis and causes increase in fat burning. Increases feeling of appetite satisfaction to curb over-eating. Boosts insulin efficiency and energy levels HCA (hydroxycitic acid) Chromium Bioperine® (black pepper extract) Nonprescription alternative to phentermine
Rodex Forte™ Improves breakdown and utilization of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Acts as a mild, natural diruetic. Boosts body's natural cortisone. Assists in conversion of tryptophan to serotonin. Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid Support supplement for successful weight loss
Complete MultiVitamin Supplementation Balances body function, supplements nutrition during calorie restriction All necessary support vitamins in clinical dosages to actively support weight loss Maintains proper mineral and vitamin balance
Bariatrix Meal Replacement
A convenient source for high protein, low carbohydrate nutrition, Bariatrix products function to supplement a host of diets including low calorie, protein-sparing, diabetic, metabolic syndrome Available only through physicians and weight loss centers Replaces various protein and starch allowances in diet program

Effectiveness: Health Improvement

woman and young girl in kitchen with healthy foodCombining weight-loss drugs with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise can help you lose more weight than can either drugs or lifestyle changes alone. Weight loss has a significant benefit to your health. Losing just a small percentage of your weight can decrease:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood triglyceride levels
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Insulin levels

Start planning your custom weight loss program today. Call Dr. John Sedgh at our office in Beverly Hills, Santa Ana, Cerritos or Lancaster, California, at 888-333-2515.